How to Choose Inventory Forecasting Software

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Forecasting software helps to stabilize and better the way of doing business. Otherwise known as demand planning software, the right software helps provide solutions to help make better purchasing decisions.

What Should You Look Out for in an Inventory Forecasting Software?

The right forecasting software should help solve your business problems effortlessly. Here is a list of essential features that will help you make a great decision.

Integrations with The Organization's Systems

Chances are high that your business already has other software designed for other facets of the business. The last thing you want is forecasting software incompatible with other business tools. You should also consider scalability as an equally important aspect of the software. A good program shouldn't slow down when integrated with other systems or be buggy when data volumes spike.

Forecasting Based On the Organizational Data

Good software works functions fed by hard data. Although some applications work by retrieving data from generic databases, consider software that roots its forecast to the original organization data. More than one forecasting option is also a plus, as it helps you tailor the origin of the data. This is the case if you deal in both retail and wholesale. 

Automation of Processes

Every organization has monotonous and recurrent tasks that are time-consuming. Good inventory forecasting software automates such tasks, making the process seamless, accurate, and less time-consuming. Other benefits of automation include making purchase recommendations that allow direct purchase orders from the sales data. 

An Updated List of Available Inventory

Great inventory forecasting software collects data from different operating systems and translates it to readable live reports. Having current data reports helps track the business' performance and get the value of the available stock.

Forecasts Made on Demand and Supply In The Market

A business that sells perishable products cannot turn a blind eye to this functionality. The forecasting software should be able to make accurate market predictions on product demand and supply. It should also show whether the products are in-season at a specific time.


Virtual business systems are often seen as complex. Hence, software with intuitive interfaces that are easy to use is an incentive for workers. Software that also syncs with the employees' portable devices is also recommended since no one wants to keep relying on other sources for current information.


What are the advantages of investing in an Inventory Forecasting Software ?

Tech is revolutionary, and there's no limit to what a secure and effective inventory forecasting program can achieve. Here are just a few of the benefits your business can enjoy.

Accurate Forecasts

Forecasting helps you plan and make better management decisions for upcoming seasons. For instance, if you can forecast a high season, you'll rarely run out of stock because you can stock up just enough beforehand. Again, you can avoid overstocking when a low season is looming. You are consequently able to avoid missing out on potential revenues.

Saving On Expenses

This software helps you spend only on necessary inventory. It all starts with buying the right package with all the essential premium features. This also helps reduce product wastage, especially when working with perishable goods. This consequently saves on space costs as storage is now optimized. Minimizing costs can help free up more working capital that can be invested in other organizational development projects.

Data Security

Global privacy laws and regulations require inventory forecasting software to encrypt user data. This automatically protects the organization from data breaches. Unauthorized or malicious users can, therefore, not access these data.

Access to A Vast User Base

Forecasting software data is accessible across different departments. This current information helps in coordinating decisions. Additionally, allowing for simultaneously sharing up-to-date information is a critical management function. 


Organizations are looking for the best software that can solve their problems. Given the different competitive varieties available, choosing one can be difficult. However, if you understand your needs and can niche down to specific features, there's just the right tool for you. All in all, the time to ditch traditional spreadsheets and embrace the new world of inventory forecasting software has come. In the meantime, Luminous can help you with your inventory forecasting needs. Start for free today!

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