Multi-location management for modern ecommerce operators

Modern ecommerce operations are complicated. Having multiple warehouses, platforms, 3PLs, and FBA can make tracking everything a pain in the a**.  Luminous supports your complex operations by enabling you to do warehouse fulfillment in-house (with a best-in-class warehouse management system) or by plugging into the system your 3PL/FBA uses—or both.

Multi-warehouse management for modern ecommerce operators

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Built for multi-warehouse ecommerce operations

  • Track inventory by warehouse or sales channels (not just overall stock) for smarter replenishment
  • One system of record for forecasting across your entire supply chain
  • Fulfill, pick, pack, and ship for all warehouses and channels in one system

Flexible and
easy to use

  • No more manual counts needed—always know what’s in stock
  • Integrates data from all platforms into one central warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Easy to implement with intuitive UI and free onboarding and support 
Flexible and easy to use
Higher accuracy and fewer costly errors

Higher accuracy and fewer costly errors

  • Make data-driven decisions on warehouse inventory in real-time
  • Reduce stockouts and overbuying across all warehouses
  • Create efficiency and drive down costs in all processes

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Inventory Management and Tracking
Sales Channel Management
Order Processing and Workflow Management

I don’t keep track of inventory by bin. I prefer to just keep track of it at a warehouse level. Can Luminous do this?

Yes, we can just keep track of inventory at a very general level. Basic in’s and out’s of a warehouse.

I’d like to keep my fulfillment process as simple as possible. Can Luminous just automatically deduct inventory?

Yes, we are the simplest system on the market for auto depletion. We can sit ontop of your OMS of choice and just simply auto deplete inventory if you want.

I want to have a QC process when shipping, but don’t want to scan everything. Can Luminous help me with this?

Yes, you can easily toggle on/off a QC process during the packing stage.

I’d like to see which user is picking, packing, and QC’ing. Is this possible to view?

Luminous keeps track of full historical data of users that pick, pack, verify, etc.

I want to see a list of historical adjustments made in the warehouse. Is there a report I can see this info?

Luminous keeps track of full historical data of users that adjust, receive, etc.

I have QC inventory that I don’t want pushed to Shopify. How can I receive inventory but not have it push to the sales channel?

Luminous can create another location that does not push to your sales channels. You can utilize this for different functions like QC flows or strategies in inventory allocation.

Can I have multiple lot ID’s per bin. Can I do this?


I want to be able to still keep items that have been picked, but not yet shipped as on-hand. I also want to easily see where they are at. How does Luminous accomplish this?

Luminous automatically generates a WIP bin when something is moved past the picking stage. It is very easy to run a report of all items in the auto generated WIP bins.

I’d like my influencer orders to be chosen from a specific lot. Can I use pick and pack for just these orders to deduct from a specific spot?


I’d like to differentiate between my picking bins and storage bins. Can Luminous do this?


I carry a lot of mixed pallets in one bin. Can Luminous bulk transfer hundreds of SKUs in one bin so this process doesn’t take forever?

Yes, we have a very simple UI for transferring mixed pallets.

I want to allocate inventory to different sales channels instead of everything just pulling from the same inventory ‘bucket’. Can Luminous allocate inventory to different channels? How?

Yes, we can allocate inventory by mapping inventory to a specific channel.

Can I route a specific channel’s orders to a different warehouse?


I want to pick the same item from multiple lots for one order. Can I do this in the pick and pack process?

Yes, will go through this flow when they are splitting the line/lot on their picklist.

I want to save my progress on a pick list so someone else can finish it later. Is this possible?

Yes, Luminous allows you to save a picklist in the middle of a job. When you save, you are putting the completed line items into the WIP bin.

I want my wholesale orders to go through pick and pack but my DTC orders to auto deplete. Can Luminous do different rules like this?

Yes, some channels are dead simple and operators choose not to run it through a formal pick/pack process. They might require it for wholesale orders though.

Can I sync up to multiple different order management systems?

Yes, Luminous can sync up with multiple order management systems. A common use case is a merchant or 3PL wanting to segment data by keeping separate shipstation accounts. We can link up and aggregate as many OMS’s as you need.

I’d like to see the picking status of all of my orders. Is this possible to view?

Picking status can be viewed on your sales orders and invoices (if the invoice is linked to the sales order).