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Close your books faster with automated costing

Margins tracking is one of the biggest headaches in complex ecommerce operations, but Luminous makes it easy. Automatically track your cost of goods sold (COGS) and calculate landed costs so you always know your margins in real time. Then, automatically push this data to your accounting system for an easier and faster way to close your books.

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Streamline wholesale customer ordering

Automate time-consuming cost calculations

  • Automatically keep track of all variables that go into a landed cost.
  • Use Luminous to auto-calculate shipping costs or integrate with shipping software.
  • Automate landed cost calculations whether you’re selling wholesale or DTC.

Keep track of the value you received and sold at

  • Track production and labor costs from raw materials to finished goods.
  • Integrate with 3PL and FBA to track fulfillment costs, or track them in-house.
  • Easily track the value of unsold inventory at year-end and automatically carry over to the next year.
Automate the wholesale side of your business
Scale your B2B business to its full potential

Push COGS data into your accounting system automatically

  • Send all production cost data to your accounting system as soon as orders are received.
  • Best-in-class Quickbooks integration saves hours on invoicing and COGS tracking.
  • Integrate with any accounting system you use. If we don’t have it yet, let us know and we’ll build it.

Take Luminous for a test drive.


Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Costing Methods
Handling Freight Bills and Inventory Values
Inventory Management

Does Luminous support weighted average cost?

Yes, Luminous supports weighted average costing. We automatically calculate this from your purchase orders and other variable costs that you add to those purchase orders.

What if I split POs into tons of different shipments, can Luminous still keep track of landed cost if I do this?

Luminous supports flows for E-commerce operators that split a Purchase order into multiple shipments. Our cost layers allow for this as well so you can keep landed cost accurate. 

Does Luminous support LIFO or FIFO costing?

LIFO and FIFO are both supported within Luminous. 

What if I don’t get a freight bill until after I’ve received and sold the goods?

This is OK. We built Luminous to let you keep operating even if you go through inventory faster than you get the freight bill for the inventory you sold.

How does Luminous push inventory values to Quickbooks or other accounting systems?

Luminous pushes inventory values to your accounting system via journal entries at the end of the month. Most accountants prefer to manually export these journal entries at the end of the month and import them into QBO.

Does Luminous keep track of COGS by lot?


So does keep track of my landed cost?

Luminous keeps track of landed cost no matter how many variable expenses you have attached to a purchase order.