A B2B customer portal that puts wholesale on auto-pilot

DTC brands that also sell to wholesale, retail, and distributors end up spending way too much time dealing with the B2B arm of their business. It’s a completely different type of business that most DTC tools don’t serve. Luminous enables you to handle both sides of your business with customized B2B customer portals that automate ordering, invoicing, and fulfillment.

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Streamline wholesale customer ordering

Streamline wholesale customer ordering

  • Auto-generated and low-maintenance customer portal captures orders seamlessly.
  • Set up custom pricing tiers, product lists, and payment terms.
  • Brand the portal with your logo and provide password-protected logins to customers.

Automate the wholesale side of your business

  • Stay on top of stock that’s coming in and stock that’s allocated to open orders.
  • Never lose money to over or under-purchasing again.
  • Keep your warehouses stocked to the perfect levels. 
Automate the wholesale side of your business
Scale your B2B business to its full potential

Scale your B2B business to its full potential

  • Eliminate manual tasks like calculating shipping costs, creating invoices, and customizing pricing.
  • Forecast for the wholesale side of your business separately from DTC for the ideal level of growth.
  • Seamlessly onboard new B2B customers with a professional portal that allows them to instantly place an order.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
B2B Portal Functionality
Order Management and Customization

Can Luminous display inventory quantities on the B2B portal?

Yes, we can push available inventory to your portal if you want. We can also simply push an ‘in-stock’ ‘out of stock’ status.

What if my wholesalers buy from different countries? Does Luminous support multiple warehouses from different countries?

Luminous can display different inventory levels from different warehouses to the portal. This means if you’re a brand that keeps track of inventory in EU and the US and you want your EU customers to place orders that pull from your EU inventory, our functionality supports this

I only want my distributors to see a select few products, can I restrict them to only see the products I let them see?

You can built product catalogs that are assigned to individual customers or customer types. This lets you customize what they are able to see.

Can the customers check the status of their orders from the portal?

Yes, we push order status and tracking numbers to their portal login.

I don’t like it when my wholesale customers transact on a website, I like to control that. Can people submit an order without payments?

Yes, customers with payment terms are able to submit an order without a transaction.

Does the portal support different types of payment terms?

Yes, we support any payment term.

Can you pay on the portal if you want to?

Yes, you can require full or partial payment if you want.

What if I don’t want my wholesale customers to see the actual available stock level and I just want them to see if something is ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’, can it do this?

Luminous can show the actual available quantity OR just a stock status

What if I want my product grouped together as a master and the variants underneath. Can the portal do this?

We support master-variant grouping for apparel brands or brands that simply like to group all variants together

What type of pricing can the portal reference?

Luminous supports any type of pricing rules. Schedules, levels, overrides, etc.

I purchase for multiple stores separately. Can this portal allow me to write separate orders for different stores with different shipping addresses?

Yes, you can have multiple separate stores within your portal to separate the purchasing experience

My customers will be making orders a hundred line items long. Is there a simple flow to make this easy to do in bulk?

Luminous has a bulk add to cart function with a list view filter that allows for the quickest ordering wholesale flow on the market

I want to be able to make product and pricing templates that I can bulk apply to customers so the setup of new customers isn’t so crazy. Can I do this?

Yes, you can apply product lists to customer types or just apply to individual customers in bulk.