Embedded EDI that saves you from countless hours of manual work

Make dealing with EDI headaches a thing of the past with seamless EDI workflows embedded directly into Luminous. Everything from receiving POs, sending ASNs, and pushing to a fulfillment status is covered. Better yet, it’s automated. We do what you wish SPS would do.

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Easily handle the EDI process from start to finish copy

Easily handle the EDI process from start to finish

  • Embeds all EDI processes within Luminous, significantly cutting down processing time.
  • Companies like SPS or Commerce Hub just export an order, while Luminous embeds the entire order flow.
  • Between 5-7 tasks per order are automated away by Luminous’s embedded EDI flow.

Add new retail accounts without adding a headache

  • Easily add new wholesale accounts alongside DTC without relying on manual EDI.
  • Embed wholesale EDI flows like it’s just another normal order with no extra work.
  • Automate away the boring EDI tasks that you get stuck with in SPS and Commerce Hub.
embed - Add new retail accounts without adding a headache

Embed orders into your existing warehouse flow and tech

  • Integrate your fulfillment system and automatically push orders from Luminous.
  • Use embedded EDI order flows whether you have 3PLs, FBA, in-house fulfillment, or all of the above.
  • Streamline your order fulfillment process while reducing errors from manual work.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Order Flow Support
Billing and Charges
Data Integration and Sync

Do you support a dropship flow?

Yes, Luminous automates the flow when a retailer chooses to let you drop ship direct to their customers.

Do you support a retail flow?

Yes, on more standard wholesale purchase orders from larger retailers, we support this flow.

Do you charge for data?


Do you charge per transaction?


Do I have to keep paying SPS commerce?

It’s a misconception that you have to keep using SPD in order to receive an order. This is simply false. You are welcome to keep SPS but our flow will be much more automated.

Can I cancel my other provider?


Does it invoice automatically?

Yes, an invoice is automatically generated. We can even send it automatically to your accounting system. 

Do the invoices sync to my QBO automatically?


Do you automatically fill in the tracking number?

In cases where the flow requires tracking to be sent (ASN), we send this automatically.

Do the sales orders automatically come into Luminous?