Automate specialty wholesale flows and massively cut invoice processing time

DTC businesses that also sell to specialty wholesalers get stuck with highly manual work. Tools like QuickBooks and Shopify force them into painstakingly slow invoice processes. The Luminous flow is built for modern specialty wholesale. It works with your warehouse or 3PL—and can cut invoice processing to just two minutes. 

Automate specialty wholesale flows and massively cut invoice processing time

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Fast invoicing that’s purpose-built for specialty wholesale

Fast invoicing that’s purpose-built for specialty wholesale

  • An easy-to-use wholesale client-customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Instantly set up pricing tiers by group and override pricing when needed.
  • Filter by category or stock level, then bulk add to auto-populate invoices.

Automated wholesale processes for dozens of manual tasks

  • Automatically generate sales orders and push them to fulfillment warehouses or 3PLs.
  • Sync invoices with QuickBooks to automatically push them there and update payment status.
  • Save up to 20 minutes per invoice by eliminating manual tasks (shipping costs, pricing, doctoring, etc.).
Automated wholesale processes for dozens of manual tasks
A B2B client portal for streamlined communication and ordering

A B2B client portal for streamlined communication and ordering

  • Auto-generate a custom portal where wholesale clients can see only the products you make available to them.
  • Brand the portal with your logo and allow clients to log in and place orders.
  • Automatically add pricing tiers you set in Luminous and give clients an easy way to add to their cart and buy.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Invoicing and Payment
Customer Management and Sales Reps
Order Management and Fulfillment
Inventory Management and Pricing

Does Luminous’s invoicing and B2B flow replace Shopify plus?

Yes. It is more similar to NuOrder than Shopify though. 

Does Luminous store payment information for an easy checkout experience?


My pricing is pretty simple, I just add a customer and put the price for the products they buy. Can Luminous do this?

Yes we have a dead simple flow for this type of pricing.

I write invoices with tons of line items. How does Luminous speed up the task of writing huge invoices?

The system has been stress tested by reps who write 100+ line item long invoices.

Can I overwrite a specific SKU price?


I don’t want my sales reps to just override whatever price they want. Can I make it where they can’t do this?

Yes, you can toggle on an approval process that makes it where reps cannot edit pricing.

Before I send an invoice to a customer, I like to sort by category/subcategory, and then subtotal so that it looks like a clean breakdown. Can I do this?

Yes, you can sort the invoice however you’d like before saving.

I write invoices that are over 100 line items long. Can I do bulk functionalities that cut my invoicing time in half?

Luminous supports bulk functionalities to cut your invoice writing time in half.

An annoying part of writing an order is getting the shipping quote, how can I get a shipping quote on Luminous WHILE I’M writing the order?

We plug into your carrier rates through a widget on invoicing so you can easily get a quote of the shipment cost for the order.

Right now, I just track my payment collections in QuickBooks. How does work with Luminous?

You can continue to keep collecting payments in Luminous. We will simply pull the payment details back into Luminous.

I’d like to just charge a card in Luminous directly, can I do this?

Yes, as long as we integrate with your payment processor.

Can Luminous generate a payment link that is attached to the invoice that I send to the customers?

Yes, we can create a custom payment link that attaches to the invoices you send to a customer.

Does Luminous push invoices to QuickBooks?

Yes, Luminous pushes invoices to quickbooks.

Does Luminous keep track of all of the individual payments?

Yes, even if you log them in Luminous or Quickbooks.

Can I send an invoice email directly from Luminous?


I like to send my customers a draft/estimate and let them edit it first before we confirm it. Does Luminous support this flow?

Yes, Luminous has an estimate status in our invoicing.

Does Luminous have a concept of an estimate?


Can I choose which clients see certain products?

Yes, you are able to choose a product list that applies to clients or client types.

I have a couple sales reps that I assign to customers. Does the CRM let me assign a rep to customers?

Yes, the system was built for reps to only see the customers that they’re assigned to.

Before I let a customer reorder, I want to see how much balance they owe, is this easy to find on Luminous?

Luminous shows you the total outstanding balance by account so the reps can easily see how much an account owes.

I want to easily get raw data by sales rep, customer, or customer type for commissions purposes. How does Luminous give you all of your sales data?

Luminous uses our custom analytics to give you amazing clarity on all data points: invoices, sales orders, reps, customers, payments, etc.

Sometimes my reps are needing to pull from different locations for their orders. For example, if I have east coast and west coast clients, can I choose which warehouse it is pulling from?

Yes, we support warehouse groups for different facilities.

Can Luminous handle returns or credit memos?

Yes, we handle both.

I don’t like my warehouse team getting the sales order immediately. Can we trigger this to push to the warehouse or my OMS once something is paid, partially paid, or fully paid? What about a custom trigger?

Yes, the trigger to push an order to the warehouse or to the OMS can be behind payment status or other custom triggers.

Sometimes I’m just writing a drop-ship invoice/order where I don’t want it to affect inventory from my warehouse. Does Luminous support this?

Yes, this can be easily changed in the settings.

Can Luminous push my wholesale orders to my 3PL?

Yes, Luminous can push your wholesale sales orders to a 3PLs WMS.

Does Luminous support pricing by customer type?

Luminous’s pricing is extremely comprehensive and easy to implement.

Does Luminous support pricing by category, subcategory, or product?


My company has a small retail storefront and a warehouse pickup option. Can I scan products like a Walmart checkout to build an order really quickly?

Yes, our scan mode was built for this purpose.

I sell individuals on my DTC channel, but I sell in a different unit (cartons or case packs) for my wholesale orders. Can Luminous automatically set this so my people don’t have to worry about that?

Yes, we can set these rules up so that the unit of measure auto populates for specific order types.

I don’t like my customers seeing the discount ‘column’ on my export. Can Luminous customize the columns that show up on an export?

You can customize the export format of the invoice. You can choose exactly what columns you want to display to your customers.

When I onboard a new client I need to capture data that is outside of normal CRMs. Can I do custom fields in Luminous’s CRM?

Yes, we support all types of custom fields.

I use Avalara to find out how much taxes I have to pay per invoice. Can Luminous add this automatically? Does it have an integration with Avalara?

Luminous has an integration with Avalara that will auto populated the tax field as you are writing an invoice.

I use ShipStation to print out my shipping labels. How does this wholesale flow work if I use ShipStation?

We can automatically push sales orders to shipstation if you’d like to keep using shipstation as your order management system.

Does Luminous have an actual pick/pack module where it will guide my warehouse workers to the bins?

Luminous has an extremely flexible pick/pack module that can guide the warehouse workers through a picking flow on tablet. We also support QC verification at the end of the process to guarantee that you are shipping out the correct items.