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Lite manufacturing that works with your production flow

Manufacturing is a key part of the process that most e-commerce companies need, but that other software somehow forgets to include. Whether you’re just purchasing raw materials that get assembled elsewhere or taking on manufacturing yourself, Luminous supports bills of materials and work orders to handle your production flow. 

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Brands that manage inventory with Luminous

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Easy management for assemblies and sub-assemblies

  • Track the production of goods from raw materials to finished products.
  • Watch over your supply chain across multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Streamline supplier communication for re-ordering raw materials.

Full traceability for every manufacturing process

  • Know how much raw materials are being used at each stage.
  • Instantly identify inefficiencies in your production process.
  • Keep a thorough manufacturing audit trail for regulatory compliance.
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Efficient production planning and scheduling

  • Quickly figure out how much raw materials you need to purchase based on sales data.
  • Stay on top of what and how many SKUs you need to produce.
  • Efficiently plan production for seasonality and sales.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Assembly and Production
Supply Chain Management and Forecasting

Does inventory automatically deduct from components and add to the finished product?

You have to run the product through an assembly order. This can be done in 3 clicks or less though.

How does it work if I use different units of measure for the same assembly run?

We support multiple units of measure for the same assembly run.

Am I able to take something apart like breaking down a product into individual components?

Yes, you can do this by using our disassembly orders. For example, you can purchase a unit and disassemble it upon receival.

Am I able to sell the components and also the product when it’s required to assemble?


What if I have sub-assemblies within my work order, does Luminous automatically generate the work orders for the sub-assemblies?

Yes Luminous automatically generates the sub assemblies needed to finish an order with multiple layers of assemblies.

My company doesn’t actually do the production, but we purchase the raw materials and send it to our co-packer. Can you help me forecast for my bill of materials?

Yes, you still need a system that has a concept of bill of materials to do this effectively. We do this for many brands.

My co-packer does all of the production and purchases what I tell them to purchase. Can I run my own virtual purchasing and production to make sure my co-packer is actually keeping track of everything correctly?

Yes, this is actually very common for brands that do not fully trust the systems of their 3PLs or co-packers. Luminous makes it easy to run your own virtual flows on behalf of the 3PL or co-packer.

How deep is Luminous’s feature set in this module? Who is not a good fit for you?

If you have complex work orders that have complex logic through multiple stages, then Luminous is not a good fit for you.

Who is a good fit for these features?

Operators that manage a lean production process. If your production team is a team of 1-10 people that run a lean and efficient process then we are a great fit for you.

Can I have multiple bill of materials attached to one product?


Can Luminous assembly orders go through pick/pack?

No, Luminous doesn’t take these orders through pick/pack. Though you choose which bin/lot it’s being deducted from upon the creation of the work order.

Can I trace back a bad product from the sale to the customer back to the raw ingredients used in production?

Yes, we provide full traceability for this specific use case.