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Hands-on, in-person implementation—for free

In this space, downmarket solutions are cheap but provide no onboarding and support. But ERPs are too expensive and cost $100k + to implement. Luminous is here to fix that. We provide the hands-on implementation and support you need for free. Plus, it’s the best support you can get in this industry. Don’t believe us? Ask the people we’ve implemented. 

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Brands that manage inventory with Luminous

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Free implementation that is guaranteed to succeed

  • Others just give you access and expect you to figure it out for yourself. We do the opposite. 
  • Hands-on implementation from a dedicated team member until the system is working the way you need it. 
  • No additional implementation fees (unlike ERPs that charge hundreds of thousands).

What does a Luminous implementation look like?

Support you can
always count on

  • We send an in-person ops consultant to set your system up on-site—also for free.
  • Exceptional free support is always available to you after you implement. 
  • Our US-based support team is made up of operational experts in your field. 
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Full support for data migration and integrations too

  • Data migration can be boring, but we will help you set up the right fields and do it quickly. 
  • Most integrations come out of the box and are easy to set up, but we’ll help you with that as well. 
  • We also support custom integrations if the integration you need hasn’t been built yet. 

Take Luminous for a test drive.


Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Support and Help Resources
Implementation Process
Post-Implementation Support

Do you have a help center with articles and tutorials? What if I have a question during implementation? Who should I contact?

Yes, Luminous has comprehensive support articles and tutorials. On top of that, if you need live training, your account manager is extremely easy to reach. Just text them, they’ll respond.. we promise.

What if I have a feature request that Luminous doesn’t currently have?

Big systems constantly get new feature requests. We actually listen to your feedback. When you have feedback, we take to heart and immediately talk through your feedback and see if it’s something we can/should implement.

Do you help me set up my data in Luminous?

Yes, getting data into any system is a chore. We have an entire team dedicated to help with data entry to make this process easier.

I’m brand new in the ecommerce world. Do you have suggestions and tips to set up SOP’s and procedures?

SOPs go hand in hand with operational software. We have some templated SOPs that you can use or we can collaborate with you to help you build long lasting scalable SOPs.

Do you do in person implementations?

When necessary, yes, absolutely. Sometimes an in-person implementation is what is needed to get you to 100%.

What does a typical “go live” look like? I’m worried about switching systems.

Implementation is always going to be ‘messy’. It will feel much less ‘messy’ with us because we help at every stage.

What does support look like post implementation?

Post implementation support is free. Use us as much as you need. We’re here to get you to 100%