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Spreadsheets suck. Cheap software doesn't work. Enterprise software is overkill. Enter Luminous: the first lite ERP for scaling your ecommerce business from painful growth to lasting success.

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Purpose built for ecommerce

Most ecommerce solutions are either poorly built online tools with no support or ultra-expensive ERPs that are full of unnecessary features. In between that is Luminous, the first system made for the unmet needs of ecommerce operations and inventory.

  • Easily stay in stock on your hottest-selling SKUs
  • Seamlessly manage and replenish your 3PL and FBA warehouses
  • Eliminate manual EDI processes and cancel SPS commerce
  • Smooth specialty wholesale flow that links to your accounting and warehouse systems
  • Fail-proof processes for going from DTC to wholesale, or vice versa
  • Effortless order processing and fulfillment
  • Pay only for features you need. Integrate with everything else.

$160 billion

Small businesses lose over $160 billion to inventory waste each year.


67% report using spreadsheets for inventory tracking. We’re here to fix that.

We’re integrated with pretty much everything.

Luminous easily integrates with all the major ecommerce platforms you use, as well as shipping and accounting
platforms to keep all your data in one place.

Podcasts, videos,
and newsletters to help grow your biz

Jared, our CEO, is an ecommerce pro and former CEO of a DTC brand. There, he experienced the complicated issues of ecommerce and set out to fix them. To build Luminous, he hired other operators who know the ecommerce game. Using our combined expertise, we’ve created a media function that helps other operators learn and grow. Check out our podcast, videos, newsletter, and more.

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Serena Williams
We are thrilled to partner with Luminous and be a part of their mission to transform the supply chain and inventory landscape in the ecommerce industry. Their innovative approach and commitment to empowering businesses aligned well with our values at Serena Ventures.

Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software is a tool that helps businesses track, control, and optimize their inventory levels. But not all inventory management solutions are built the same.

Luminous offers all the nuts and bolts of a traditional multichannel inventory system, but with features specifically built for the modern 3PL and ecommerce brand, including:

  • Wholesale Management: Luminous supports brands expanding into wholesale, from order capture to fulfillment.
  • Embedded EDI: Luminous offers embedded EDI flow, integrating directly with big box retail operations within our system and automating this process to fit seamlessly within the current ecommerce ecosystem.
  • Multi-Warehouse Forecasting and Replenishment: Our system provides the most streamlined process for managing inventory from factory to 3PL to FBA, ensuring stock control across multiple locations.

How much does it cost to implement Luminous?

It’s free! Our expert team will help you with on-site implementation free of charge. The process usually takes just two weeks.

What is the best ecommerce inventory management system for a small company?

Luminous is! It’s the best option for growing ecommerce, 3PL, or retail-first businesses, as it offers all the functionality you need to scale your business without a hefty ERP price tag.

Is inventory management software an ERP?

While ERP systems do include inventory management functionality, inventory management software offers specialized features designed for logistics-first businesses. These include full-scope inventory and warehouse management, invoicing, B2B sales, CRM, purchase orders, and EDI.


On the whole, ERP systems are built to store and analyze data that is valuable for accounting and executive leadership. This type of data output is not tailored or timely enough for proactive warehouse operations. The executive, high-level focus often presents challenges for daily use and makes ERP systems expensive to install and maintain.


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Edgar Z

Andes Production

The setup process is very hands on from the wonderful team at Luminous, they walk through every step to ensure you understand it and more than anything they customize the system to our needs.

Brad S

Sweets Kendamas

Luminous has any feature you could hope for!

Allison D


Great product for inventory management.

Devin B

Revamped Fulfillment
Mask group

Fantastic Product. They have every feature that I'm looking for.



I like how much Luminous has to offer. From managing inventory to channels, it feels like it can do almost anything. I primarily manage inventory, and it is effortless and straightforward. 

Kyle W

Andes Production

Fantastic. Once you get an understanding of how it all works its great for keeping inventory accurate especially when keeping track of inventory is huge here.

Edgar Z

Andes Production

Game changer! Overall: Our warehouse and inventory management got a major facelift. Customer service is the best, they are there every step of the way.

Ben Peterson


I’m confident this will transform how we do business!

Karina G.

Blaze Vapor

"I am the product developer for Blaze Vapor. We started the company a year ago and since we hired the services of Luminous we are much more organized and much more efficient with more time to take care of the sales department."



If there are any issues, support is on it right away. They always value user feedback and are always accessible for all of your needs.

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