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Made for the DTC food and beverage journey

Just about every DTC food and beverage brand experiences the same evolution: Experimental madness to operational scaling to market expansion. Yet, almost all the growing pains happen in the first stage, before $1MM in revenue. Watch our video below to see how this journey unfolds and how Luminous makes it easier to escape stage one.

The three stages of DTC food and beverage growth

  • Passion product business
  • First online sale
  • Peak complexity early on, before $1mm revenue
  • Regulatory compliance starts
  • Sources specialized packaging
  • Cold chain logistics complications begin
  • Adds subscription model, e.g. Shopify Recharge
  • Forecasting and inventory are difficult
  • Using multiple Google Sheets and ShipStation, but can’t handle complexity
  • Brain exploding
  • Past $1mm in revenue
  • Must perfect operations to get past the experimental madness stage
  • May use an overpriced ERP that costs multiple thousands a month
  • May use a cheap point solution that doesn’t solve their needs
  • May use Luminous, the only option that handles all this complexity at an affordable price
  • Owns a large chunk of the market
  • Focuses on sales and marketing
  • Hires a full-time team
  • Has comfortably solved the complexity they faced early on

Become a well-oiled forecasting machine

Most DTC food and beverage brands sell with a subscription model. This can make forecasting and inventory management much more challenging. By integrating your logistics and inventory data across all platforms, Luminous puts forecasting and stock replenishment on auto-pilot.

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Watch over your inventory with eagle eyes

To meet demand and maintain compliance for perishable goods, you need to stay on top of inventory across many locations. Luminous gives you full visibility with real-time inventory levels from all storage and production areas, including FBA warehouses and cold storage.


DTC brands that love Luminous

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The affordable option that works

The affordable option that works

Expensive software would put you out of business. Cheap software won’t work with your complex operations. Only Luminous can handle the complex problems of DTC food and beverage—at a price that DTC food and beverage brands can actually afford.

See what DTC brands say

Edgar Z

Andes Production

The setup process is very hands on from the wonderful team at Luminous, they walk through every step to ensure you understand it and more than anything they customize the system to our needs.

Brad S

Sweets Kendamas

Luminous has any feature you could hope for!

Allison D


Great product for inventory management.

Devin B

Revamped Fulfillment
Mask group

Fantastic Product. They have every feature that I'm looking for.



I like how much Luminous has to offer. From managing inventory to channels, it feels like it can do almost anything. I primarily manage inventory, and it is effortless and straightforward. 

Kyle W

Andes Production

Fantastic. Once you get an understanding of how it all works its great for keeping inventory accurate especially when keeping track of inventory is huge here.

Edgar Z

Andes Production

Game changer! Overall: Our warehouse and inventory management got a major facelift. Customer service is the best, they are there every step of the way.

Ben Peterson


I’m confident this will transform how we do business

Karina G.

Blaze Vapor

"I am the product developer for Blaze Vapor. We started the company a year ago and since we hired the services of Luminous we are much more organized and much more efficient with more time to take care of the sales department."



If there are any issues, support is on it right away. They always value user feedback and are always accessible for all of your needs.

Scale your DTC food and beverage brand with Luminous