Plug into your 3PL for easy fulfillment and replenishment

Most ecommerce brands outsource fulfillment to a 3PL, some do fulfillment in-house, and many do a bit of both. No matter what you do, Luminous is designed to support and automate your fulfillment process from A to Z. For those that partially or fully rely on 3PLs, Luminous plugs into your existing 3PL system for streamlined fulfillment, forecasting, and replenishment. 

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Real-time inventory visibility for smarter forecasting

  • Live views of all your inventory across 3PLs, in-house fulfillment, and FBA. 
  • Bring all inventory data into one system of record for easier and more comprehensive forecasting. 
  • Proactively replenish 3PL stock to keep sales going strong during high-volume sales events. 

Designed for both in-house fulfillment and 3PLs

  • Automate backend operations for any combination of 3PLs, in-house warehouses, and FBA.
  • Instantly push sales orders from Luminous to your fulfillment center of choice.
  • Stay on top of stock levels across your entire supply chain. 
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Scale your operations for the right amount of growth

  • Contract or expand your operations across all 3PLs and in-house warehouses whenever you need.
  • Plan for future growth by bringing inventory data from all 3PLs into one unified system.
  • State-of-the-art pick/pack, shipping, and WMS modules if you decide to move fulfillment in-house.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions
Integration and Data Exchange

Can Luminous push sales orders to other WMS’s?

Yes, this is a common need for e-commerce customers that use a 3PL.

How does Luminous display inventory levels from another WMS?

If you use Luminous as your system of record and also use a 3PL, Luminous will pull in all of the inventory levels from the 3PL’s WMS.

Can Luminous get shipment data from my 3PL?

It depends on the 3PL and the WMS. Sometimes we can get shipment data from their system, sometimes they don’t allow it.

Can Luminous take my wholesale orders and push them to my 3PL?

Yes, this is a common use case.

What if I use multiple 3PLs or Copackers. Can I still pull in all of our inventory?

Yes! This is a common setup for our customers.