Put demand planning and forecasting on an auto-pilot you can trust

Demand planning and forecasting are crucial to keeping your customers happy and your business running. But most forecasting tools are way too complex. Luminous has simple and effective forecasting that works the way your spreadsheet does, but better. Data is auto-populated from your inventory and you set the forecasting formulas that work for you.

Put demand planning and forecasting on an auto-pilot you can trust

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Always know when you need to restock

Always know when you need to restock

  • Real-time stock updates for all warehouses and platforms, including FBA and 3PLs.
  • Track components and raw materials needed whether you manufacture in-house or not.
  • An integrated platform so you can plan for both wholesale and DTC restocking.

Reduce stockouts during sales spikes

  • Get automated alerts when sales start spiking for individual SKUs.
  • Streamline supplier communication to quickly re-order when spiking starts.
  • Use data-driven insights to plan for future highs and lows.
Reduce stockouts during sales spikes
Keep the formulas and formats you need

Keep the formulas and formats you need

  • Automate the tedious forecasting tasks that work but take way too much time. 
  • Replace manual data exports and scrubbing with an automated, integrated system.
  • Import the formulas that work for you into Luminous, or tweak them for improvement. 

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

Does Luminous track historical sales from all my channels?

Yes, during the implementation process, we make sure to gather and import all of your historical sales data.

Can Luminous give me a recommended PO quantity?

Luminous recommends purchase quantities based on your preferred buffer stock, days on hand threshold, and your preferred sales velocity logic to determine how many days on-hand you have left. This is gone over in detail and decided during your implementation.

What if I have multiple warehouses? Can Luminous generate a report for replenishment?

Luminous can generate reports and guide you through an easy-to-use replenishment flow even if you have multiple warehouses.

Can Luminous take seasonality into account when demand planning?

Yes, we can embed seasonality into your planning models if needed.

How customizable is Luminous’ forecasting module?

We can drag and drop any data you need into your forecast, just as long as we’re actually capturing it.

Can Luminous take allocated wholesale inventory into account when forecasting?


Does Luminous include components sold in kits when doing forecasting reports?