Freak in the sheets, Google Sheets

Most companies say they can take Google Sheets off your hands. We can definitely do that, but we can also help you optimize your Google Sheets experience with integrated data. Because Luminous integrates with everything and pulls all your data into one centralized system, you can save hours of manual work by pushing data from Luminous directly to Google Sheets. 

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Auto-populate forecasting reports and cut out manual work

  • Want to keep forecasting in Google Sheets? Luminous can make it faster and easier.
  • No more manual export/import. Automatically push sales data from all channels directly to Google Sheets. 
  • Run forecasting formulas in Luminous or your Google Sheet, it’s up to you. 

Always keep your project management sheets up to date

  • No more logging into various systems to pull data like order statuses, revenue numbers, etc. 
  • Push all orders and financials directly from Luminous to your project management sheet. 
  • Create custom project reports in Luminous or send data to Google Sheets, both are easy. 
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Instantly track supplier, order, and margin by channel 

  • Auto-populate Google Sheets with supplier and purchase order data.
  • Push all orders and financials directly from Luminous to your project management sheet. 
  • Alternatively, use Luminous to manage suppliers, POs, margins, and much more. 

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

What data do you populate?

As long as it is data that Luminous captures, we can populate it to your Google sheet.

How does it work?

Luminous links into a live Google sheet and maps data fields from Luminous to your Google sheet. This takes out some of the manual data entry that has to be done in order to make your Google sheet useful.

Do you have an example of the types of google sheets you use?

The most common types for e-commerce are forecasting, demand planning, PO status sheets, and misc project management.