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Analytics and Automation: 
Do something useful with your data

Luminous pulls all your data into a centralized hub, which is fantastic. However, it’s what it empowers you to do with data that makes it game-changing. Luminous is packed with custom analytics, reporting, and automation tools that allow you to watch over every important metric in real-time—and make the best and most informed decisions to fuel your growth. 

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Auto-populating custom dashboards and reports

  • Every operator has a couple of Google Sheet reports they wish were automated. With Luminous, they are. 
  • Get an instant visual representation of stock levels, sales, and channel performance.
  • Keep a real-time pulse on all inventory and fulfillment locations across your supply chain.

Automate the manual functions that slow your business down

  • Create automated functions and workflows between people and departments.
  • Use repeatable and predictable triggers to start an automated workflow.
  • Connect and automate purchasing, inventory, forecasting, and replenishment under one single source of truth.
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Make data-driven decisions to grow your business

  • Use real-time data to make faster and better decisions about how to run your business. 
  • Prepare for high-volume sales events with comprehensive forecasting tools.
  • Understand customer behavior and trends to plan your stock levels months and years into the future.

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Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

Automations is a broad term. What is this most similar to?

Luminous automations will feel most similar to ShipStation automations.

What types of custom reports do you build for your customers?

As long as we are pulling in the field, we can put it onto a report. Reports generally mean tables, pivot tables, widgets, charts, graphs, etc. These are all things we can build to help you visualize.

What does it mean to ‘populate’ data on your Google sheet?

Generally, a Google sheet is a static table that you share with your team members. The parts of the Google sheet where you are referencing a data base (that you normally manually export and paste into another tab) are the parts that we can auto populate. For example, your 7 day sales velocity field in your Google sheet could just be auto populated from Luminous.